SwagBucks 101 - How to make money with SwagBucks

I have some friends who are struggling with SwagBucks.  They saw me post recently [on Facebook] about earning enough for another $5 Amazon.com gift card and are frustrated that they have barely earned enough for one.

So here are my SwagBucks tips.

1. Use SwagBucks for everything!   Every search.   Every time you want to go to a website (even if you already know the web address).   Every time you need to check the spelling on a word.   If you can search for it, use SwagBucks!

For example, even though I know the web address for Amazon.com.   I use SwagBucks to search for "Amazon".  Sometimes I'm rewarded with swagbucks, sometimes not.   The one thing I know for sure is that I have no chance of winning anything if I don't use it.

2. Download the Toolbar.   It makes it easier to search using SwagBucks.   I use Google Chrome, which doesn't use toolbars, so I have SwagBucks pinned to my tabs bar.

3. Get your daily free SwagBucks. SwagBucks gives you 4 free swagbucks a day.  You just have to know where to find them.  There are 3 places to look.   Each one gives you 1-2 swagbucks.

Here's where you'll find them:

Under "Ways To Earn" (which is in the left sidebar and the drop-down menu) on SwagBucks, you'll find NOSO and Daily Polls. Each of those will give you 1-2 swagbucks each per day.   A hint on the NOSO... just click "Skip", "No", or "See Next Offer" on each one.   After you've clicked through about 10 of them, you'll receive your SwagBucks.

For the 3rd one, you'll have to have the Toolbar installed.   I mentioned above that I use Google Chrome which doesn't have toolbars, so I've downloaded and installed in on another browser.   SwagBucks will give you 1 swagbuck a day for just loading up the toolbar.   So I load up my other browser and get my daily swagbuck.  If you don't receive it, make sure you're signed in to SwagBucks.   It will tell you right on the toolbar if you are.

4. Find those Swag Codes!   Almost daily, SwagBucks releases swag codes.  They may post them on Facebook, Twitter, their Blog, the Toolbar, or even hide them somewhere on their site.   How do you find them?   Here's how... install their Widget on your website or blog or find a website that has one installed.  Every time there is a code released, a notice of it is posted on the widget.   Check this regularly throughout the day because codes are only good for a short period of time.   To "cash in" those swag codes, enter them on SwagBucks.com where it says "Enter your Swag Code".

There are a few other ways to earn swagbucks.  I have traded in an old cell phone for swagbucks.  You can also trade in old video games & consoles.  You can shop, do surveys, watch Swagbucks TV, and do special offers to earn swagbucks, too.  I have never done anything to earn swagbucks that has cost me money.

I started actively using SwagBucks in May 2010.  Since then I have earned enough in Amazon.com gift cards to purchase a Roku box and a few dozen books for free.   Each $5 Amazon gift card costs 450 swagbucks.  When I'm actively doing what I explained above, I earn about 1000 swagbucks a month.

- updated November 2011.  You no longer get 1 free swagbuck for going to Trusted Surveys.